brick-1b-077.jpgimg_6656.jpgimg_1006.jpgimg_1051.jpgdscf2250.jpgimg_0970.jpgdsc00827.jpg EXPERIENCE   DAY

We meet you at ‘Wadi Rum Visitor Center, and drive you to my home to have our bedouin’s hospitality tea.

A) There you will start your journey with your guide, going to Lawrence Spring where you can climb up and see the beautiful view (it takes about 15 minutes).

 B) Khazali Canyon. It’s a small canyon which takes about half an hour to walk inside where you see old inscriptions made by Nabataens, Thamuds and other people, living here in the past. We are the last people who live here now.

 C) Red Sand Dune. This is a huge dune of red sand where you have a possibility to go up and run down barefoot, enjoying miraculous warm sand. You can even  try and ride sandboard down from the very top of it.

 D) Anfashieh Inscriptions. This mountain is famous for its formations and inscriptions and has a lot of animals, humans and camel caravans drawings, picturing a busy life that took place here in Wadi Rum in ancient times.

 E) Lawrence’s House. It’s the old building made by Nabateans that used it to control caravan stations, coming from Syria and going to Al-Hejaz in Saudi Arabia. Lawrence of Arabia used this house and that’s a great place to see Wadi Rum view.

 F) Burrah Canyon. This is an amazing canyon where you will have 1 hour hiking between 2 big mountains. Upon your bedouin guide with prepare nice lunch on the fire with traditional bedouin tea. After the rest you will continue the trip to see two rock bridges: Big and Medium Natural Arches, where we will scramble the medium bridge (around 15 minutes).

After the scrambling, the guide will drive you to a beautiful place the desert to have a night there, but before you will see an amazing sunset.

In the evening you will have a dinner and share stories with your bedouin guide, sitting near the fire and being surround only by sky, rocks and the desert.


In the morning, after the breakfast we will drive you back to the village.

*If you want to enjoy more of this journey we can continue our trip for more days to see the white desert, scramble the tops of mountains, including Jebel Um Adami, the highest mountain in Jordan, see the dry rivers and Saudi Arabia border.


The price include everything: all accommodations, 3 meals, mineral water, your Bedouin guide Jeep .


1 Person: 75 JD

2 Persons: 110 JD

3-4 person 45 JD per person.

4-6 person 40 JD per person .

This is a private tour, you group will be alone with your guide.

  • 1 day & 1 night: Jeep & Stars.
  • 1 day: hiking
  • 1 day and night jeep and hiking jebel Um Adaami
  • 1 day & 1 night: camel & jeep
  • 1 day & 1 NIGHT: jeep & Burdah arch
  • 1 day & 1 night: jeep
  • 2 days hiking and scrambling
  • 1 & 1/2 days: from Wadi Rum to Aqaba
  • 4 days trip: hiking and scrambling
  • Experience Day
  • Other tours