C\'est pas trop beau?A balanced mix of hiking and scrambling to experience Wadi Rum at its best.

Day 1:

- we start walking from the village

- we cross Jebel Um Ishrin (jebel means mountain, wadi means valley) via the impressive Rakabat canyon, that will take us less than 3 hours

- we arrive on the beautiful Um Ishrin valley, on the other side of the mountain, where we have a small walk to arrive at our lunch place

- there we drink a bedouin tea, have a good fresh lunch, and take a rest

- in the afternoon we go for 2 to 3 hours of walk in beautiful valleys, to the foot of Jebel Burdah

- there the guide chooses a good place to spend a peaceful night under the stars

Day 2:

- in the morning, we go with the guide up to Burdah arch. This will take us less than 3 hours to go up and down.

- we join another good place for the lunch break

- in the afternoon we have a 2 to 3 hours walk to the foot of Um Muqur

- where we have a tea, a warm diner, and a good night of rest.

Day 3:

- in the morning, the jeep takes us to the bottom of Jebel Hash

- this is a mountain very easy to walk up, on top of which you have a 360° view on the desert, from the Saudian border to the north of Wadi Rum. We go up to its top, then down another way.

- We have a lunch break at its foot.

- in the afternoon, we walk through Wadi Nuqra, a beautiful area of white sand.

- at night we camp at a place where we can admire a beautiful sunset, in a very quite area where there are no other tourists.

Day 4:

- the last day, we go back to the village hiking in other beautiful valleys. We shall arrive at the village at the end of the afternoon.

Price (everything is included here, including your 2 Bedouin guides and a jeep)










  • 1 day & 1 night: Jeep & Stars.
  • 1 day: hiking
  • 1 day and night jeep and hiking jebel Um Adaami
  • 1 day & 1 night: camel & jeep
  • 1 day & 1 NIGHT: jeep & Burdah arch
  • 1 day & 1 night: jeep
  • 2 days hiking and scrambling
  • 1 & 1/2 days: from Wadi Rum to Aqaba
  • 4 days trip: hiking and scrambling
  • Experience Day
  • Other tours